Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I enter into the blogging world

well, i am here now. thanx to a buddy, his blog has enticed me to start writing my own. Lets call that good old friend of mine 'THE JERK' (he really is one). I hope he reads it and guesses it right. oh and i nearly forgot to mention 'THE OTHER JERK' (his actual nickname cant be mentioned here for obvious reasons). this other jerk guy started his blog about an year ago and as of now he appears to have lost his blog and his mind.

hmmm.....wondering about the title of my blog. u have got to believe it, i really have a dark side of me. a side the world has hardly seen and most probably will hardly see. what does having a dark side mean to me???? well......it means nothing....no really .......its nothing........and by the way......why r u interested in knowing......if i tell u abt it, it will no longer be the dark side of me. therefore let it remain the dark side of me.


Adeela said...

ooay umer....is tht really u...my own brother....tumharee angraizi itni achee kaisay ho gayee....ya yeh kahin say chapa hai?????

JDèé said...

Welcome to blogging! That friend of yours that enticed you into it seems like an awesome person. :)

USS said...

hmmm...jdee...u r right......that person actually successfullt identified himself too