Thursday, February 18, 2010

Useless Expenditures

CDGK (City District Government of Karachi) has spent billions and billions of our money to build a network of roads to minimize the traffic mess that we call Karachi. Then they built pedestrian crossings all along these newly found network of bridges and roads. These too cost a lot of money and that money also comes out of the taxes we pay. But whats the use, we still have people crossing Shahra-e-Faisal during rush times by dodging cars speeding at around 60kph. those millions spent on the pedestrian bridges has gone to waste. My judgment comes to this, our nation has daredevils amongst us (and a lot of them too).....we love to risk life and limb for the rush of adrenaline that comes with the cars zooming around us...just the other day, while on my way to work, I narrowly missed a female trying to cross the main shahrah-e-faisal during the rush times. Another step forward and i swear I would have banged her.....even if she had thought about getting back, the minibus would have rammed her for sure.
the next step for the CDGK could have been to get some laws regarding the crossing of roads. the law should allow traffic police to fine people crossing roads from the road itself (seems a far cry but what the hell). But then teaching an old dog new tricks would be easier then getting Karachiites to use these good for nothing crossings.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something to ponder

This is a script of a few verses i heard of a poem really touched me...
can anyone answer this little girl.......a simple but strong message that crushes the soul

baba mujh ko dar lagta hai
baba mairi miss nai kaha hai
kal sub school k bachay ghar main rahain gay
ghar main parhain gay

main nai suna hai
aik baray sai kali monchon walay uncle
bacho nko darain gay
bomb laga kar aingay
bhool gai main naam bhala tha
shayad dehshatgard kaha tha
baba kion marain gay humko
humsay koi bhool hui hai
hum sai kion naraz hain uncle

baba unko gurya dai do
yan phir mairi rangon wali
yaad hai na woh neeli dibya
mairi pichli salgirah par mujh ko apnay la kar di thi
aur mairi woh pyari poni, red color ki titli wali
woh bhi dai do, woh bhi dai do
phir to nahi marain gay mujh ko
yaad hai baba, yaad hai baba
aik dafa jub mujh ko haath pai chot lagi thi
buhut ziada dard hua tha
thora sa khon bhi nikla tha
buhut zaida rui thi main
kia yeh bomb bara hota hai
kia yeh bomb bara hota hai
buhut ziada chot lagay gi
dard bhi shayad ziada hoga
baba mujh ko dar lagta hai
baba mujh ko dar lagta hai